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12 Jul 2018

What are Chia Seeds and how are they grown?

Chia seeds come from the desert plant 'Salvia hispanica'. It grows abundantly in southern Mexico and is actually a member of the mint family. The chia plant can grow up to 6 feet, with the seeds held in the head of the flowers, which are dried befo...

14 May 2018

The response to the  Mothers Day competition we ran for a week in conjunction with Tatiana Flores` Healthy Mummy Support Group received phenomenal support and participation. Thank you so much to those who took their time to participate. We really appreciate your support and interaction. As...

13 May 2018

Dried Juniper Berries

Juniper Berries are not actual berries that one would generally eat with breakfast like blueberries. Instead they are often used as a bitter spice.Infact they give gin its distinctive flavour.

Cooking Uses:
• Casseroles and Stews
• Used in game dishes and meats such as v...

10 May 2018

A healthy and sweet day to you all.

We now have available on tap locally produced unheated and unpasteurized raw honey. Raw Honey contains all the micronutrients, enzymes, anti-bacterial and health properties that are otherwise destroyed by heat-treated mass-processed honey. An alkaline-fo...

10 May 2018

AVAILABLE NOW – Cacao Butter Chunks (Cacao not Cocoa)

Made from the pure oil of the cacao bean, cacao butter is what white chocolate is made of. This vegan product contains no chemicals , hexane or solvents. With the aroma of dark chocolate it is made by cold pressing the raw cacao beans whi...

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