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Honey On Tap

May 10, 2018

A healthy and sweet day to you all.

We now have available on tap locally produced unheated and unpasteurized raw honey. Raw Honey contains all the micronutrients, enzymes, anti-bacterial and health properties that are otherwise destroyed by heat-treated mass-processed honey. An alkaline-forming food, this type of honey contains ingredients similar to those found in fruits, which become alkaline in the digestive system. It doesn't ferment in the stomach and it can be used to counteract acid indigestion. When mixed with ginger and lemon juices, it effectively relieves nausea and supplies energy. We love this honey for its exceptional nutritional value and its amylase, an enzyme concentrated in flower pollen which helps predigest starchy foods like breads. Switching to raw honey may even help weight-loss efforts when compared to diets containing sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Come in and buy as much or as little as you want and bring your own jars/containers to fill with this and other goodness abundantly available in store.



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